Instant Ginger Drink

Instant Ginger Drink

A well-known producer and vendor of instant ginger beverages, which guarantees the health advantages of fresh ginger with the ease of an instant beverage, entrusted SEO Quartz with managing its paid and organic social media campaigns.

The business used to work with a social media agency before SEO Quartz, but they needed to be more open with communication and transparent about their results. As a result, the client was unaware of the campaign’s goals, what was effective, and where its marketing budget was going.

The company worked with SEO Quartz to increase brand awareness and buy intent for its products, as well as to obtain deeper insights into the campaign’s development. We succeeded in all three of these goals. Over 17 million Facebook impressions, a 44% Instagram engagement rate, and over 14.5 million sponsored impressions were the outcomes of our combined paid and organic social media efforts.

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The Results


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Landing Page Views

To improve the client's brand visibility and engagement, our social media team created a range of content, including testimonial pieces, store highlights, and posts with seasonal themes. In order to achieve a wide range of top and middle-of-the-funnel goals, we also looked at new creatives, audiences, and platforms for social media advertising. For the customer, SEO Quartz's sponsored and natural social media initiatives produced exceptional outcomes

In summary

The client initially wanted our assistance because they weren’t sure what they were looking for. In order to meet the objectives of the customer, our social media team developed a variety of campaigns and adjusted their strategies as needed. These included engagement efforts with a variety of evergreen content, video watch campaigns, and shop location campaigns.

In addition, we keep helping the client launch their new product by sharing recipes that show customers how to utilize the device for purposes other than just making instant coffee.

In order to keep the client informed about metrics and give them confidence in the advancement of their campaign, Thrive works directly with them. They provide regular updates, thorough monthly campaign reports, and mid-month touchpoints.

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